Temporarily Closed

To our customers and community,
     As we continue to enter into this COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we at Henn theater and Andrews cinema, have been attempting to figure out the best way for our small business to survive during this hard time in our country. With a great deal of concern for all that are affected by the virus and the concern for the safety of everyone, we began by making sure everything we were doing at our theaters were being done in the best efforts to create a safe place for those to come and enjoy a break from the monotony of being enclosed in your homes. In doing so, we were cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day, before and after shows, and between helping customers. We were still maintaining social distancing by limiting the amount of seating we were offering, so families could keep the 6 ft spacing to continue to feel secure. During this time we have received both good and bad reviews for the decisions we were making. Our intentions were never to create any further concerns during this difficult time and everyone has been in our thoughts and prayers as each one deals with so many different aspects of what is happening at this time. All we have ever wanted was to create a business that our community could enjoy and be proud to have as part of our area, offering our customers with the best possible movie going experience.

     As this epidemic continues to spread, we have made the decision to be CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We care deeply for our customers, staff, and community. We do not know when things will find its way to being back to normal, but we know the resolve of our society and believe that when that happens, we will remain strong and together will work diligently to help support one another. We want to thank all that have supported us over the years and look forward to when we can open our doors again and continue to provide the family friendly business we hope so many have come to enjoy. Again we thank our customers for your understanding and pray that God will bless each one as we find a solution to this unprecedented time in our country.
Thank you,
Paul and Emily Fry
P&E Entertainment